Bus Ministry

Bring them in

At Hope Baptist Church, we have seen the life-changing impact of the bus ministry. Since 2007, our bus routes have run up and down the streets of the Cedar Rapids area every Sunday picking up boys and girls, teens, and adults. 

Our purpose is to share Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide a safe and exciting environment to learn life lessons from the Word of God.  Understanding that many people, especially children, are unable to attend church every Sunday, we devote our time, volunteers and resources to this great ministry! In addition to food and a fun program on the bus, we offer Sunday School classes for every age group, with trained teachers who address the specific needs of their class. 

Do you have a question or would like a ride on the church bus? Email or Call us!


Door to door

Every Saturday a group of members take the gospel to the Cedar Rapids area. Join us at Saturday at 10:00 am